Champagne territory

Controlled origin production that embraces soil, hills and vines.

Our champagne comes from the Appellation d’Origine Controlée (AOC) that covers approximately 34,000 hectares in France. The area features hills with mainly south facing, average 12% slopes under vines.

This is a unique territory with a continental climate and an average annual temperature of around 10.5° that facilitates slow ripening of the grapes from which champagne derives its freshness and liveliness.

Working in the vineyards

In addition, the soil has a particular composition of limestone, chalk and marl, a mix that helps to drain water to the plants even in the driest summer season.

De Vilmont breathes the potent French tradition of champagne, involving terroir and the art of winemaking that delineates the elegant character of its products, with pleasantly intense perlage and scents.